June 2 - 1919 - The Galleanist Anarchist Bombings

On June 2, 1919, eight bombs went off in eight separate cities at the homes of various government officials who had been supportive of anti-sedition laws and crackdowns on radical immigrant groups. In front of the house of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, where the front was blown apart, the body of a man Carlo Valdinoci was found blown apart by his own bomb. This tied the bombings to the followers of Luigi Galleani, a radical anarchist who widely advocated bombing government officials. This also tied the bombings to a string of crude bombings sent through the mail in April of 1919. In response to these bombings, the Galleanisti were swept up along with many other radicals, communists, and anarchists, in an event known as the Palmer Raids. The Palmer Raids are the most significant element of the Red Scare of 1919 and 1920, which was trying to prevent a Russian Revolution style uprising in America. Although the idea seems silly, Palmer was really responding to a series of bombings, one of which actually destroyed part of his home.

William Floyd