June 25 - 1906 - Harry Thaw Murders Stanford White

Harry K. Thaw murdered Stanford White because, in his words, White had "ruined my wife." Or maybe he said White had "ruined my life." The event that triggered the hate Thaw had for White was the moment some five years previously when White had slept with Evelyn Nesbit without Nesbit realizing it. At the time, the 16 year old Nesbit was the most famous model in America, and her mother thought White was a good influence. As she moved away from White's influence, Nesbit found a variety of admirers while she was pursuing an acting career. The most dangerous was Harry K. Thaw, a sociopathic heir of a Pittsburgh railroad baron. Thaw had been kicked out of the University of Pittsburgh and Harvard University for being obnoxious and never attending classes. Finally, he tried to make it in New York's high society circles, but was mainly blocked by Stanford White. Once he became infatuated with Evelyn Nesbit, Harry K. Thaw decided to take her to Paris so he could convince her to marry him. While in France, he learned of her relationship with Stanford White. Then he became enraged. He began treating Nesbit horribly and drove her away. Despite marrying each other in 1905 and moving into Thaw's childhood home. Thaw was still obsessed with Stanford White, however. So he planned to kill him, finally being able to on the rooftop theater of Madison Square Garden, a building designed by Stanford White.

William Floyd