June 6 - 1654 - The Abdication of Queen Christina of Sweden

No monarch was quite like Queen Christina of Sweden. She was raised with a Prince's education, took the throne at the age of 6, and generally acted much more masculine as a child than was usual for the 17th century. Born as the only legitimate child of King Gustavus Adolphus, the great hero of Protestantism in the Thirty Years War, Christina was a hero of Protestantism before she was even able to rule on her own. Once she did become an adult in 1644, Christina helped negotiate the end of the war in Sweden's favor, gaining territory and concessions. Domestically, she spent lavishly on books, art, theater, and even philosophers. Then, she decided to convert to Catholicism and abdicate her throne. Neither event was common in Europe at the time. By the time Christina eventually moved to Rome, she was a celebrated figure among the Vatican court. She also tried to influence European politics later in life, but mostly lived a plush existence as one of the leading lights of Rome and the entire Counter-Reformation.

William Floyd