July 17 - 1955 - The Opening of Disneyland

Disneyland was Walt Disney's big idea from the 1950s. This made it the next in a series of big ideas in Disney's career, from combining live action and animation to introducing full color in animation to creating the very first feature-length animated film. After World War II, Walt Disney could have rested on the success of his animated work, which included Mickey Mouse, a series of full length animated, and a host of innovative technologies. Yet he had the idea of a new kind of amusement park, where parents could have fun with their kids rather than just watch them have fun. Initially planned for Burbank, Disney's ideas outgrew his available space, and in 1954 he began construction on a former orange grove in Anaheim, Calfiornia. Disneyland's opening day was less than perfect, as twice as many people showed up and the live television broadcast hit multiple snags on a day with 100 degree heat. Disneyland still became an immediate tourist attraction. With a regular television time slot, Disneyland could show off to the nation, including with its new technologies and innovations.

William Floyd