July 18 - 1969 - The Chappaquiddick Incident

U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy held a gathering on Chappaquiddick Island, near Martha's Vineyard, as a gathering of veteran workers of his brother Robert's presidential campaign of 1968. The "Boiler Room Girls," as they were known, helped organize the communications between campaign headquarters and field offices. As Teddy Kennedy left the party, Mary Jo Kopechne, the eldest of the Boiler Room Girls, went with him in his car. Heading back to Martha's Vineyard, Kennedy approached a dark, wooden bridge. He ended up driving his car off the bridge. Kennedy got out of the car, but Kopechne would die from drowning while inside the car. For some reason, Kennedy did not report the accident, even though he returned to the location of the party. Officials found the car early the next morning, with Kopechne's body inside. Kennedy would eventually turn himself in, plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, and was given a two month suspended sentence. More strikingly, what happened at Chappaquiddick would derail the Presidential ambitions that Edward Kennedy still held.

William Floyd