July 20 - 1944 - Operation Valkyrie

Claus von Stauffenberg left a bomb underneath the conference table at Adolf Hitler's headquarters with the idea that not only would it kill Hitler, but also the officers around the table. The assassination attempt was part of a larger plan for a coup d'etat against the Nazis known as Operation Valkyrie. Operation Valkyrie was largely organized by high ranking military officers who were, like Hitler and the Nazis, conservatives who wanted to bring back back German power and influence after the Treaty of Versailles. Yet the events of World War II, more in military matters than the events of the Holocaust, made them go from seeing Hitler as an uneasy ally to an enemy of the state. Although many high ranking officers planned the actual large scale Operation Valkyrie, the assassination plan was all on Stauffenberg, a member of the nobility and war hero. Stauffenberg had access to Hitler and a desire to leave the bomb that might kill him. He was able to set a bomb that killed four people, but Hitler came away largely unscathed. Immediately, the plotters of Operation Valkyrie were arrested, and Stauffenberg was killed by firing squad the next morning.

William Floyd