July 22 - 1946 - The King David Hotel Bombing

The King David Hotel was bombed for one very simple reason: it was the headquarters of much of the British government in Mandatory Palestine. This made it a focused target for Irgun, a Jewish paramilitary seeking to remove the British from Palestine. Yet the actual act was so problematic it caused a series of problems. Even before it took place, the plan for the bombing was rejected by Haganah, a paramilitary Irgun was ostensibly working with under the banner of "The Jewish Resistance Movement." Irgun itself, and especially its leader Menachem Begin, thought it would be best to limit civilian casualties at the King David Hotel. So when they bombed the Hotel, they tried to give warnings by telephone. Largely, these were ineffective, and 91 people were killed in the explosion. In the aftermath, the British Government, the Jewish Agency, and most of the leaders in Palestine condemned the bombing. Even Irgun would try and back away from their proud boasts about the bombing. Most importantly, the King David Hotel bombing made the British crack down even harder on the Jewish Resistance, which helped bolster the cause for a Jewish state.

William Floyd