July 31 - 1972 - Operation Motorman

Operation Motorman was the largest British Army operation in 16 years, since the Suez Crisis. Operation Motorman also happened on British soil. Operation Motorman was part of the Troubles, the long running conflict between Catholics and Protestants, with some interference from the Birtish Government, in Northern Ireland. Operation Motorman took place after the Provisional Irish Republican Army broke a promised ceasefire on July 21, 1972. Operation Motorman was astonishingly effective at destroying "no-go areas," neighborhoods in Northern Ireland cities that had barricaded themselves from British military interference. Operation Motorman only killed two people, which was an astonishingly low number for such an action in Northern Ireland. Operation Motorman did establish that British troops would be present throughout Northern Ireland, particularly in Catholic neighborhoods. Operation Motorman, therefore, established a consistent military presence by the British in Northern Ireland, which made the British Army a promising target and deepened the conflict. 

William Floyd