August 15 - 1965 - The Beatles' Shea Stadium Concert

In the summer of 1965, the Beatles were the biggest musical band in the history of the planet. The obsession of teenage girls, the icons of British culture, and the exemplar of musical ability, the Beatles were probably the only band that could have dreamed of playing a large stadium. At the start of their US Tour in 1965, the Beatles did just that with a concert at New York's Shea Stadium. The Shea Stadium concert was the first in a series of concerts at stadium, but it also was revelatory because it was in New York and it was first. Really, no band at the time could have realistically played a venue that large, as they couldn't hear themselves play. Still, the crowd went crazy at the sight of the band, and they had to arrive at their own concert by armored van. After the US tour, the band went to record Rubber Soul, their first album made with a dedicated selection of studio time. One year after their Shea Stadium concert, the Beatles would have their last concerts with another tour of US stadiums. The Shea Stadium concert would kick off any notion that rock bands could play such a large venue, yet it also signaled the beginning of the end for the Beatles' touring career.

William Floyd