August 4 - 1944 - Nazi Police Arrest the Frank Family

Anne Frank would become, after World War II, the most famous victim of the Holocaust. Yet when the Nazi police arrested her whole family in 1944, the only people who knew of her were those living in a secret annex in a building in Amsterdam. Anne's father Otto was a German born businessman who had moved to Amsterdam to escape Nazi persecution and then was hidden by the non-Jew he transferred control of his company to in the 1930s. While the family was successfully hidden from deportation and concentration camps for two years, Anne kept a diary. After her father returned from Auschwitz concentration camp after its liberation, he learned his whole family had died and that her diary was preserved. That diary would later be published, first as Het Achterhuis in Dutch, then as Diary of a Young Girl in English, and eventually would become a bestseller. But the girl who wrote it was already dead by that point, as she died in Bergen-Belsen in early 1945. More importantly, the world would be a better place if Anne Frank's diary was unknown, because it would mean the Franks were never arrested.

William Floyd