September 15 - 1940 - Battle of Britain Day

By the summer of 1940, Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany had taken over most of Europe, with the notable exceptions of Britain and Russia. Britain looked ripe for the taking, however. If not for a last ditch evacuation at Dunkirk, the British Army would have been destroyed in the Battle of France. Germany's Luftwaffe also had numerical superiority over the Royal Air Force, and a plan to send enough planes over Britain to give Nazi Germany air superiority was in place. The British held out. Partly, this was because Prime Minister Winston Churchill had pledged to fight all out against the Nazis. The other reason Britain held on throughout the Battle of Britain day was that RAF fighters could do enough damage to the Luftwaffe to avoid serious damage. After months of repetitive fighting, the Luftwaffe planned a massive bombing run on various targets in Britain for September 15. Fighting took place in the air throughout the day, with RAF squadrons scrambling multiple times. Dispersing the German fighters gave some chance at hitting bombers, and despite some damage from bombs, the raid was not a success. Britain would never be invaded, and no air battle involved as many planes as those of Battle of Britain Day.

William Floyd