September 16 - 1920 - The Wall Street Bombing

Shortly after noon, on a normal workday on Wall Street, a bomb in a horse drawn cart went off in front of JP Morgan's headquarters on Wall Street. The immediate blast killed 30 people on the spot, and eight others would later die of their injuries. Property damage was significant, if not debilitating, and the New York Stock Exchange temporarily suspended trading. Yet the next day, Wall Street kept going, and investigators began struggling with figuring out who had done it. Bolsheviks, socialists, anarchists, and other opponents of capitalism were fingered to little avail. The best candidate was some member of the Galleanisti, a radical Italian anarchist group that was responsible for a series of bombings. Galleanisti had already set off numerous bombs in 1919, and were one of the most terrifying groups in America. Eventually, suspicion settled on Mario Buda, who was a key bomb maker for various Anarchist groups, especially the Galleanisti. Buda was also angered about the arrest and indictment for robbery and murder of his friends Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti in Massachusetts. Yet to this day no hard evidence places Buda near the Wall Street bomb.

William Floyd