September 19 - 1995 - The Unabomber Manifesto is Published

Trying to identify and arrest the Unabomber proved to be extremely difficult for authorities, as the bombs sent through the mail were homemade, sent to a variety of targets (although particularly Universities and Airlines to get the UnAbomber name), and almost quaint in their construction. The Unabomber had also corresponded with some media outlets, including offering his manifesto for publication so he would "desist with terrorism." With that promise in mind, Federal authorities allowed the New York Times and the Washington Post to publish Industrial Society and its Future. The Unabomber manifesto was written on a typewriter, uses capital letters for emphasis, and invariably uses "we" instead of "I" while presenting an idiosyncratic take on industrialization and technology. Yet there is also a calm manner to the rants about "leftists," autonomy, and the dangerous nature of technology. This writing would lead David Kaczynski to realize his brother Ted was the Unabomber. After compiling evidence with private investigators and lawyers, David Kaczynski went to the FBI and turned in his brother. Ted Kazcynski would be arrested on April 6, 1996 and would eventually reach a plea bargain to serve terms of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

William Floyd