January 15 - 1947 - "The Black Dahlia" is Found Murdered

No one called her the Black Dahlia when she was living, but shortly after Elizabeth Short's body was found cut in two and mutilated, Elizabeth Short forever after was known as the Black Dahlia. Her body was posed in an empty lot, and she had clearly been tortured for some time. Immediately, the press went crazy about the story, not only giving her her nickname, but also speculating wildly about what she had done in the days and weeks leading to her murder. This made the case impossible to solve for authorities, who had a tough time solving a random murder with a woman who know one had seen for awhile. Although almost every notable or strange person living in Los Angeles at the time has become a suspect in the Black Dahlia's murder, it is highly unlikely anyone will be able to absolutely pinpoint Elizabeth Short's killer.

William Floyd