March 2 - 1882 - Roderick Maclean Attempts to Assassinate Queen Victoria

Roderick McLean approached Queen Victoria's carriage as it left Windsor Castle with a pistol, because she had given a curt reply to some poetry he had sent her. It turned out McLean was more unimpressive as an assassin than a poet. His shot missed the Queen's carriage completely, and he was brought to the ground by boys wielding umbrellas. McLean was the eight man in forty years to try to assassinate Queen Victoria, and met the fate many of his forebears experienced when he was adjudged "Not Guilty, but Insane." This was a massive issue for Queen Victoria, who wished for a different outcome for her would be killer, and pressured her government to do something about it. Therefore, the most inept and hapless of all of her possible assassin's had the largest effect on Victoria's reign and the British criminal justice system.

William Floyd